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An aspect of wedding planning in which many couples take for granted is the officiant of the ceremony itself, as most couples generally have a clergyperson they have known since they were children. But what about those certain couples that do not have a celebrant in the form of a family cleric? Those couples are tasked with the challenge of finding an officiant that not only will be mature and dignified, but also will carry themselves with all the professionalism and sensitivity which is required to handle the duties. Officiants have an enormous amount of influence of the tone of the ceremony, so this may be somewhat of an unnerving phase of the planning process, but hang in there. Washington DC provides couples with plenty of options for the role of officiant. We offer you below a brief guide which should serve to make this phase a trifle more simple.

For the first step, you should decide what type of wedding ceremony you are going to hold. It is important to note that according to Washington DC wedding laws that a religious officiant of any religious society is authorized to perform marriage ceremonies, and may require a certification of ordination.

If you are going to plan a religious ceremony, this may be really straightforward for you. If you don't already have a family clergymen and a church venue, then you will want to search for local houses of worship which has beliefs that suits your denomination. Schedule interviews with each head clergymen, and discuss your wedding, and the church's specific religious rules regarding marriage ceremonies. If you do not like the location, or the cleric, or a combination of both, you should not consider this person.

The first option that is gaining a lot of popularity is choosing a friend or family member. If you are looking for a specific personal touch, this will definitely be the road you want to go down. Be cautious though, as this option may appear deceiving if the person is not fully capable of handling the duties, there is more to being an officiant than meets the eye. Not only will you be cutting the costs of an officiant, but you will have an officiant you are already predisposed to, and most likely trust enough to handle the duties. Just make sure this person will handle the duties with all due respect and dignity to you and your guests, no inappropriate jokes need to be had unless, of course, that is something you wish to have at your wedding. If you choose this route, your loved one can become an ordained minister on the internet via the Universal Church of Life, or if applicable by state, you can gain a form that temporarily permits you official status for the sake of the wedding.

The key factor to remember is that you really ought to be completely comfortable with this person that you choose to be your officiant. Do not go forward with a candidate if you foresee this candidate becoming an issue.

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