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You have seen it in your dreams. You can even taste it. The perfect topper to a perfect day is a beautifully decorated and tasty wedding cake. In order for that picture to become a reality, you need to find a professional baker or cake maker in the Washington DC area. It can be done, but it will take some research, knowledge, and detective work. We are here to help you with what you need to know to find and book your very own cake maker

You want to have a general idea of the cake you want to see at your reception. We suggest checking out every source you can find out there. Go online and search for wedding cakes, look at wedding magazines and books, and go visit bakeries and look at their catalogs. Also, make sure you have your color scheme in mind to show any baker you meet with. Also, you want to share the number of people who will be attending your reception.

They say timing is everything. When it comes to wedding cakes, you will want to find and book a baker at least 6 months to 1 year before your wedding date. Bring your folder of cake related material that you have been gathering to the interview with a potential cake maker. Have a friendly discussion about your theme and your vision and see what the candidate can do with what you have to say. They should be able to show you some pictures or even make a few sketches to bounce off of you. Also, you will want to arrange some cake tasting with each baker that you consider. Pick out your favorite cake, icing and filling. Make sure you look at their portfolio where they showcase their wedding work.

Ask for at least two or three references from recent clients. You want to make sure and call them and ask them pointed questions about their experience. Ask about things you care about in terms of a working relationship. In addition, talk to the baker yourself about their experience. Ask about how long they have been in business. How many weddings have they done in their career? How many have the done in the last year? What was the reason that they got into the cake making business in the first place? Talk about their passion for the craft. Try to get a sense of their motives. This can all play into a comfort level with someone you are going to do business with. Once all of that checks out, ask for a bottom line price for their services. Find out if they are able to provide any additional services like delivery and setup, cake stands, or even accent lighting.

When you find someone you like and have a comfort level with and you are confident that this is the person to make your dream wedding cake, put down a deposit to book them. Also, make sure you sign a contract that spells out all of their responsibilities.

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