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If you want a special evening for your wedding reception, a great live band can go a long way to making that happen. Recorded music is one thing but it will never compare to music that is played live by real musicians. There is a feel, a magic, an ambiance that just can't be beat. In order to find the right wedding band in the Washington DC area, there are some things you will want to consider and some things you will want to do in order to give yourself the best chance possible for finding that magic. Here are a few considerations that we think might help you in your search.

Think long and hard about a band's style. Obviously, you gravitate to certain musical tastes as do your guests. This can be kind of tricky because you want to enjoy the music at your own wedding, but you also want your guests to enjoy the reception. Hopefully the styles don't collide too much and you can come up with something that everyone will enjoy. Whatever you decide in terms of style, make sure it is upbeat and will keep the party moving all night long. Nothing is more upbeat than the solo and dueling piano performer, Spencer Bates!

You will want to discuss the set list with any band you consider. Most experienced wedding bands will have standard songs they play at weddings. They should be willing to give you some say on the set list. Also, any professional band should be willing to learn three or four special numbers that you request. Just as you will probably add to the set list, you will also want to go over the set list carefully and remove any songs that you just can't stand or want no part of. Also, go over the venue with them. Does the venue have sound equipment the band could use or would it be better if they brought their own. Will they need a stage? Does the venue have the proper electrical hookups for all of the band's equipment? These are all good questions to have settled now.

Inquire about the band's experience. They may have some wonderful playing experience, but you want to make sure they have wedding experience. There is a certain flow to a wedding and a band that has played numerous wedding will understand this and sense when you play certain songs and when to lighten up. Also, if you want your band to serve as a sort of emcee, then you will want to work out the order of events with them so that things can be done in a orderly fashion.

In terms of how much a professional band costs, there are price ranges in every dollar amount, it just depends on what you're looking for. There are a number of factors that can affect this. Depending on the number of special songs you want them to learn, the price will increase. Also, if you want additional musicians added to the core group, that will run you much more. There is really know way around the fact that an experienced professional band is going to cost you something because they can command such a price. But you could look at it this way, you only get married once and if you want your guests to remember your reception for years to come, then a live band will go a long way in helping that memory to be planted.

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